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WPC plan

The Movement

Initially, we are producing a World Peace Ceremony prototype, a smaller scale version of the long term mission. It will be a small representation of the grand ceremony, maintaining the values, principles, culture and the energy with which the grand ceremony is orchestrated.

The prototype ceremony will weave together stories told through a variety of art forms to help us experience humanity’s inherent connection and togetherness. It will include spoken word, song and musical elements, synchronized dance, visually stimulating graphics and represent cultures from every continent. It will show how our cultures, struggles and victories are interrelated.  The ceremony will celebrate what is possible when we have the courage to unite.  Together, we are capable of conquering our biggest challenges and reaching unforeseen heightsin all areas of lifeincluding the sciences, business and the general advancement of the human condition.

If the world can get together every four years for the Olympics, to celebrate our athleticism, then we can also get together to celebrate peace.

Long term mission

Our ultimate mission is to inspire humanity to create a culture of togetherness, connection and coordination. We believe that a culture of peace based on these values, can motivate humans to do the hard work of inner healing, restorative justice and conflict resolution, and the collective work of World Peace.

We will know we have achieved World Peace in the future when humans have achieved all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), when all life on the planet is flourishing, and when suffering has been virtually eliminated across the animal and plant kingdoms.

When humanity works together, our biggest dreams become possible.

Imagine all humans—all 8 billion of us—simultaneously gathering, in person and virtually, in order to acknowledge our connection to one another. We would gather in harmony to watch simultaneous performances from countries all around the world on a grand stage, the world stage, celebrating  the fact that we have  finally achieved World Peace.

We will have  experienced an awakening to the profound interconnectivity of every living thing on planet earth.  We will acknowledge  that we all just want to align with our destinies, a sentiment that will be expressed through the synchronization of a global world peace ceremony that celebrates life.

In effect, this movement aims to inspire a culture of coordination between all  humans to help us create new systems for managing  our civilization.

The impact we strive to have

Setting a big goal for humanity, this grand celebration of all life, supported by influential stakeholders from all over the world, has the power to help humans coordinate to solve some of the biggest challenges that face us, including poverty, hunger, clean water and quality education.

Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Sometimes, when we only focus on specific problems and try to solve them, we are operating with the same kind of thinking that created those problems. However, looking at the bigger picture and imagining the future state we want to experience can help us to relate to each other through inspired coordination.


The WPC project is creating inspirational content in the form of written text, visual presentations, video and graphics advancing the WPC mission around the world, in 70+ languages.

The purpose of the content is to enroll and inspire global stakeholders to create a planning committee for the WPC organization that will organize the first prototype of the World Peace Ceremony. This will be the first step towards the future state of humanity we are envisioning.

Themes and principles we explore:

  1. Symmetry in nature
  2. Humanity as a superorganism

Like other traits of living organisms, symmetry evolves in order to provide some advantage. Different organisms exhibit different types of symmetry. Starfish and many flowers exhibit radial symmetry, some freshwater  green algae exhibit spherical symmetry, certain viruses exhibit icosahedral symmetry, butterflies exhibit bilateral symmetry and ctenophores (comb jellies) exhibit biradial symmetry. The advantages of bilateral symmetry include the formation of a head and tail region, where the head region can house a detailed nervous system, along with  directional movement, including the ability to move straight forward.(1) One advantage of having radial symmetry is that the animal can get food from any direction.(2) Some flowers have evolved symmetrically  as a way to attract pollinators. (3)

For humanity to function most efficiently, it is essential that we evolve towards symmetry. The current state of affairs is that there is an abundance of resources and supplies in some places in the world, and scarcity and shortages in others. This is true of natural resources, human made goods and services and ideas. Optimal symmetry among humans would enable ideas, information, goods and services to flow efficiently between us, benefitting our health and that of the planet.

Also, it is important that we each understand  ourselves to be  part of a superorganism. A superorganism is a group of synergistically interacting organisms of the same species. Ants are the best-known example of individuals that operate as a superorganism. Division of labor is highly specialized and coordinated, and individuals are not able to survive by themselves for extended periods of time. In order for humanity to operate as a superorganism, it will be essential for us to create a global culture that balances individualism and collectivism.



What is our expected outcome and what would success mean to us?

Success in the near term would be a prototype World Peace Ceremony that would involve  stakeholders from at least 14 countries. In the long term, our desired outcome is a continuously recurring World Peace Ceremony with stakeholders from all over the world.

About Us

Imagine a feeling of connection to all other humans on earth, with an acknowledgement that humanity is all one family, felt around the planet.

Envision a time in the future where children from China are awed by a performance, in real life and on screen, of dancers from Nigeria showcasing their culture. And children in Ethiopia watching a live performance of 70,000 dancers from around the world dancing in unison: dances about the history of humanity, songs about the challenges we faced in the past and how we overcame them together, and performances of how we are connected to each other, culturally and spiritually.

All this with the 'adults in the room'—government officials and diplomats from around the world—agreeing that humanity has achieved World Peace.

With love and gratitude,
World Peace Ceremony

Why Are We Doing This?

Daniel RothWe believe this is humanity’s destiny. We believe humanity needs a new story to live within. A positive story of collaboration, of the world coming together. A big celebration can help create a culture of inspired coordination to help humanity create solutions for ourselves and the planet.

My given name is Daniel Roth.  I was born in Jerusalem on October 14th, 1979. A few hours after the celebrations of the Jewish holiday Simchat Torah. Simchat Torah means… (continue reading)


Artists and Experience Designers

WPC would like to collaborate and co-create our first World Peace Ceremony with artists and experience designers from around the world. You may reach out to us with partnership opportunity requests.


WPC is seeking to create partnerships with individuals that support our mission. You may reach out to us with partnership opportunity requests.

Peacebuilding Organizations

WPC would like to reach peacebuilding organizations around the world. To help to promote our collective mission amongst your constituencies.

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